The company Blue Elephant Investment

was founded in 2007 and it specializes mainly in the manufacturing industry in area of the Czech market. We invest to the projects that we consider as prospective in view of their potential and return. We focus on the investments, in which we can apply our experience and where we can actively participate in their management.

Our Company

We carry out investments in companies with a history and tradition that have lost their luster and we try to recreate them to firms that will be competitive in today's market.

Originally, our company focused on investing and advisory activity in the field of investments and management with specialization of business support to be lean, more focused on some specific area and ultimately more profitable. We went through a process and we retreated from the advisory activity. Currently, the main activity on which we focus the most are the investments in small and medium-sized enterprises that need to be restructuralized to increase their EBITDA, become competitive and successful in the market.

Our Company

We carry out investments in companies with a history and tradition that have lost their luster and we try to recreate them to firms that will be competitive in today's market.

Our Values

    Our Values

  1. Confidential Information

    We undertake to process, store and give information in accordance to professional ethics and legal requirements, unless it is ordered differently by a court or other similar institution of law or authority.

  2. Honorable and transparent business

    We are fully committed to the fight against corruption, bribery and coercion. All of our employees must always act in accordance with this basic business ethics.

  3. Cultural respect and racial tolerance

    We require our employees respect the integrity of the cultures and customs of the people and the countries in which we deal with business and comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to them.

  4. Responsibility

    We pledge to provide quality service to all stakeholders (including shareholders, investors, customers, consumers, vendors, suppliers, local communities and employees), and we take personal responsibility for all actions and results.

  5. Administration and Management

    We adhere to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and corporate governance, we always act in accordance with laws in order to provide the best customer service. We check the companies coherently and effectively over the financial and administrative field.



CHEMOPLAST a.s. is one of the companies in the Czech Republic providing complete plastic material manufacturing. It has successfully satisfied Czech and foreign customer demands for more than 50 years. It is able to customize mould design as well as technical plastics manufacturing to your demands and requirements and can deliver finished products as a turnkey project. All of the highest quality, according to relevant standards and using the latest technologies. Our company owned Chemoplast BEC, a.s. since year 2008.


With its 100-year tradition, the well-established company brand METRA BLANSKO s.r.o. is regarded as a symbol of top quality and exact products and services by a wide spectrum of customers. Currently METRA BLANSKO has been engaged exclusively in the development, manufacturing and sales of traditional instruments for electrical devices. This company has been included in our portfolio in 2009.

FLAJZAR, s.r.o.

FLAJZAR is for many years engaged in independent development of electronic devices and equipment, followed by the piece or series production. Whether they are electronic signaling devices for fishermen, elements of safety equipment, especially GSM communicators, or production of electronic kits and modules. Flajzar is under control of our group since 2013.


METALKOVO a.s. METALKOVO is located in Blansko and started its operation from 1.1.2021. The compnay is active in the sheet metal manufacturing industry, producing high-quality metal housings (for example for ticket vending machines or industrial machines), and is a specialist in post-processing and surface treatments.


Blue Elephant Investment a.s.
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